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HOTDIVE HPG01 Large Dial Pony Bottle Pressure Gauge

HOTDIVE HPG01 Large Dial Pony Bottle Pressure Gauge

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The Mini Pressure Gauge for your Pony Bottle provides you with an easy to read indication of remaining pressure in your pony bottle with one quick glance. The clear, easy to read gauge adapts to most standard first stage high-pressure ports. Registering up to 3,000 PSI(200 bar), this mini gauge is perfect for your back-up, stage, and pony bottles. 


Technical Information:

First stage pressure.
Diameter 28mm*15mm. 
Glass in plastic.
Body in chrome plated brass.
Reading from 0 PSI/BAR to 5000 PSI / 350 BAR
Equipped with HP O-ring ready to install.
Threads directly into any standard first stage high-pressure port.
Compatible with 100% O2.
CE certificate

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