• Training Set
  • Balanced 1st/2nd Stage
  • Sidemount Setup
  • Double Tank Setup
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  • Premium Quality

  • SUS 316L Material

  • Affordable Price

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Diverse Product

  • OEM/ODM available

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HotDive H2 Pro Availabe Now!

  • Tony Clark - OW

    Don't waste your money on anything else. This thing was quality and your phone camera is plenty. Photo from the BVIs to prove it.

  • Brandy Burress - AOW

    I'm glad I took the time to learn the set up before my trip. I was really happy that all the photos and videos from my dive were on my phone and didn't then have to be transferred from a camera.

  • Mike Spencer - Tech Diver

    Perfect phone case for underwater photography and photos. The red filter on the outside makes spring water crystal clear and images amazing! Bluetooth feature makes it easy to use.