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HOTDIVE T10 0.5L Mini Scuba With Hose

HOTDIVE T10 0.5L Mini Scuba With Hose

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HotDive T10 0.5L mini scuba are easy to use, easy to wear, easy refill and light weighted. Feel free to explore the underwater world anywhere you like. Suitable to use on sail boat, private yaht and all kind of water activities.


    • Easy to use – just turn on, insert the mouthpiece and start breathing!

    • Easy to wear – Comes fully assembled, strapped with a portable bag.

    • Refillable from an air compressor (or SCUBA tank using optional adapter)

    • Weighing just under 5 lbs. it is the lightest weight system on the market!

    • Mouthpiece cover and lanyard included.

    • Deluxe Dial Gauge Pressure Indicator standard on every unit.

HotDive T series is the latest generation of (HEED)Helicopter Emergency Egress Devices. It’s a lightweight, self-contained breathing apparatus, which is designed to increase the survivability of military and commercial personnel in short-term out-of-air emergencie.

    • Provides the lifesaving air needed to escape from a falling aircraft or rolling vehicle in the water.

    • Suitable for all possible water emergencies around helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, seaplanes, ships and vehicles.

    • Protect personnel from breathing dangerous and deadly toxic gases as a result of fire or smoke.

*Note: Units are shipped empty

HEED also known as SEED (Supplemental Emergency Escape Device), STASS (Short Term Air Supply System), Spare air source (Fun Diving), Spare industrial air source (Protect personnel exposed to toxic smoke), Spare escape air source (includes a mask to help home users escape smoke and fire)

Use our Air Compressor Refill Adapter (coimg on 2022) to refill from any breathing air compressor or T-01A SCUBA Tank Refill Adapter (sold separately) to refill from any full 3000 psi SCUBA Tank.


Part Number:  T10
Cylinder Volume:  3.5 cu ft / 100 liters
Water Volume:  30 cu in / 0.5 liters
Service Pressure:  3000 psi / 200 bar
Length:  14.2" / 36 cm
Diameter:  2.4" / 6 cm
Weight:  3.1 lb. / 1.4 kg
Cylinder Material:  Aluminum
Regulator Type: – Balanced piston 1st stage regulator;
– Balanced adjustable 2nd stage,
– 30″ flexible hose
Colors:  Black / Orange / Green


Cylinder Material:  Aluminum
Hose Material:  Natural rubber+SS 316
1st Stage main materials:  6061 aluminum
2nd Stage Main Materials:  GF Enhanced PA+SS 316
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